Forestry Equipment Experts


We sell new and used equipment in Texas and specialize in the following forestry equipment.

  • Stump ginders - Rayco
  • Brush chippers - Morbark
  • Lifts - Niftylift
  • Skid steers - Boxer
  • Airtow trailers
  • Interstate Batteries
Greenteeth 900

Equipment Maintenance

We are committed to keeping our customers equipment profitable with comprehensive maintenance.

  • Stump ginder teeth
  • Brush chipper knives
  • Engines - Caterpillar , Kohler , General Motors
  • Belts

Equipment Repair

Our mechanics have over 50 years of experience in the shop.  Our customers depend on our repairs.

  • Stump grinder anvils
  • Stump grinder hydraulics
  • Brush chipper bearings
  • Brush chipper hydraulics
  • Brush chipper overhaul
  • Engine overhaul

Our specialized, advanced-technology forestry equipment allows you and your business to perform your work efficiently on jobs of all sizes.  Our wood chipper, stump grinder, lifts, air-tow trailers, skid steers and forestry equipment offerings allow you to effectively plan, budget and meet your goals.  However, our biggest strategic advantage isn’t in just equipment sales, maintenance, repair, and self service parts shop which bring over 50 years of experience to your specific jobs and projects.  Although forestry equipment sales distributors have changed their models and sales methods, our reliable end to end forestry equipment sales in the following categories remain our bread and butter that are not going anywhere.

Forestry equipment sales, maintenance and repair offered across Texas

All About Equipment forestry equipment products serve the needs of three major market segments; tree care and forest industry, tree removal contractors for the utility industry, and equipment rental stores.  Equipment applications involve more than just tree processing. Waste reduction and minimization is a key metric as well as overall equipment uptime.  Our forestry equipment sales offerings include machines that process and support transportation of:

  • Trees
  • Branches and small twigs
  • Vines and plant stems
  • Air tow trailers - heavy forestry equipment, motorcycles, industrial equipment

With our forestry equipment sales and maintenance approach, we strive to understand your short and long term goals before recommending specific equipment types.  Too many times people are oversold equipment or misinformed on how to maintain equipment to get top performance over the long run.  We serve as both a heavy forestry equipment sales distributor and full service mechanic maintenance facility with the goal of gaining your business through trust and consistency.  Once we better understand the project(s) you are needing to accomplish and what types of materials you will be handling we can quickly and effectively provide sound equipment recommendations.

Another added benefit we provide is clear equipment maintenance recommendations for all forestry equipment listed on the website and offer full transparency to understand the full cost of ownership before electing to purchase.  We also offer a comprehensive maintenance shop and have the ability to assess issues with forestry equipment belts, engines, teeth, knives, bearings, hydraulics, and general maintenance that will keep our equipment running at peak performance and ultimately keep you in business.

We start with the end goal in mind of creating a customer and business partner over the long haul.  Therefore, you won’t find gimmicks or misleading information in any of the forestry equipment product sales, maintenance schedules or repairs we offer.

Whether you’re looking for a mulcher, stump grinder, or some other brush or wood chipper, All About Equipment sells the equipment to fit all of your wood and forestry needs.

Great results are what matters most and when it comes to forestry equipment sales, maintenance and repairs, we take pride in providing professional, cost-effective services.  We’re fully insured and possess an excellent safety and customer track record.

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What can our forestry equipment deliver?

Pasture clearance and land developmentBrush removal
Construction pipeline clearingFench line clearing
Right-of-way maintenanceHome site development clearing
Game ranch habitat enhancementWoodlot organization and visual appeal
Pre-Commercial Plantation ThinningPark or public trail and road clearing
Land clearingOvergrown property clearance
Site preparationResidential and commercial real estate developments
Underbrush clearingPost-Harvest clean up

Who do we provide forestry equipment to?

Equipment Rental CompaniesArborists
Tree Trimming CompaniesState Government
Local GovernmentFarmers
RanchersReal Estate Developers
Construction FirmsPrivate Property Owners